SD4HW   4-Camera Pupil Transportation Security Surveillance Camera System

High Definition 720P Series Camera On Buses 

 GPS & Wi-Fi Wireless Automated Data Download 

The SD4HW  series offers a low cost student video surveillance system with a higher level of Video Evidence Security virtually eliminating the possibility video files will be viewed by outside parties  on unauthorized video players. This enhanced video file security is shared technology and incorporates the same enhanced Video Evidence Security of the High Definition FHD4, in a 720P-AHD High Definition lower cost school bus pupil transportation solution. The SD4HW version offers Built in GPS  providing; vehicle speed and free On Screen Mapping during playback. In addition the SD4W has a built in Wi-Fi Wireless module with external Wi-Fi antenna for increased range, as well as Automated Data File Download CMS software included with the system at no cost. The SD4HW mobile vehicle surveillance DVR has no moving parts in the recording mechanism, making it 100% Solid State Digital. It is able to endure very harsh environments making them well suited for high-risk vehicle applications that require rugged solid state dependability for video evidence. Driver Behavior recording aspects of the 3-Axis accelerometer, combined with the active driver alerts provide a powerful tool for management. On bus cameras can be employed as either; bus video event recorders or bus safety camera surveillance systems. The fact that they are both cameras on buses does not mean they will operate the same way. In-bus safety camera systems are continuously recording the video data from the surveillance cameras, while the mobile DVR can automatically trigger Event Alarm aspects of the bus safety camera such as high G sensor impacts or inertia or overspeed. 

SD4W BTC system White

School Bus Video Observation System w/GPS & Wi-Fi

GPS Vehicle Speed
GPS On Screen Mapping 
Wi-Fi Wireless Module Built in 
Wi-Fi DVR Wireless Antenna Included
Wi-Fi Automated Videos File Download 
High Definition Video File Evidence Security
512 GB Solid Twin SD State Memory Capacity
Active Driver Safety Training Device with Active Driver Alerts
”Testudo Lifetime Warranty Protection" (option available)

SD4HW DVRs offer these features:

  • Enhanced Video File Evidence Security
  • GPS Vehicle Speed & On Screen Mapping included 
  • Wi-Fi Wireless module built in, Wi-Fi antenna included
  • Automated Data File Download via Wi-Fi
  • 512 GB Solid Twin SD 100% State Memory Capacity 
  • 4-channel School Bus Video DVR accepts 4  cameras with audio
  • Mosaic "Blurring" software to help protect non involved passengers
  • Built in 3-axis Accelerometer, Crash trigger & G-Sensor Charting
  • Remote DVR Status LED Indicator  (option) 
  • High Definition 720P & H.264 compression 
  • 10-Year Camera Warranty Standard
  • ”Testudo Lifetime Warranty Protection" (option available)

SD4HW GPS & Wi-Fi  720P-AHD Pricing:

SD4HW-1 ...1-Camera High Definition GPS & Wi-Fi Student Transit School Bus Camera Video Surveillance $600 - $750

SD4HW-2 …2-Camera High Definition GPS & Wi-Fi Student Transit School Bus Camera Video Surveillance $700 - $850

SD4HW-3 …3-Camera Megapixel GPS & Wi-Fi  Pupil Transportation School Bus Video Safety System  $800 - $950

SD4HW-4 …4-Camera Megapixel GPS & Wi-Fi  Pupil Transportation School Bus Video Safety System $900 - $1,050

STOP ARM Violation Cameras - 720P-AHD School Bus Stop Arm Violation Camera No Additional Cost with system

Reseller Pricing Available