1-8 Camera Mobile DVR Video Event Recorder

8-Channel Multi Camera Mobile DVR (MDVR)

1-8 Camera Systems for school buses; these systems employ a commercial grade mobile DVR that supports 8-channels of onboard bus video and audio recording so you can have 1-8 cameras connected to the heavy duty commercial mobile 8-channel DVR and each camera will be provided a video channel and audio channel. 

The advantage of the 8-Channel on-bus MDVR is you can have more than 4 camera in your school bus so you now have the flexibility to add Driver cameras to verify no cell phone use while driving, Road cameras, Rear vision cameras and Exterior Side of bus camera if wanted. Due to the higher number of onboard school bus cameras supported by this model, the MDVR requires a much large memory storage device so a slide in drive bay is built into the MDVR that supports SATA II 2.5” SSD or HDD depending on preferences and budget.

3 Versions Offered:

SD8D - Base Model Mobile Video System

SD8W - Base w/ GPS Speed / Mapping & Wi-Fi Wireless 

SD8C - Base plus 3g/4G ,4G LTE w/ GPS Speed / Mapping & Wi-Fi Wireless

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