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Notice Regarding "Managed" Internet Service Provider Customers

Please note if you are a customer of a "Managed" Internet Service Provider  such as America Online you may be unable to receive a response e-mail from anyone not specifically listed in your account setting or preferences e-mail list.

Should you not receive an E-mail response from ABV in a timely period,  it is likely  because your "Managed" Internet Service Provider has blocked our response. 

Reseller Pricing & Generic Literature

If you are seeking a relationship, we do offer Reseller Pricing with generic unbranded literature so you may provide to customers and not have our contact info if that is a help.

Confidential Reseller Pricing require:

  • Company name 
  • Company address 
  • Company secured e-mail address 

Confidential Reseller Pricing information is sent to company secured e-mail only.
Use of free e-mail services (like hotmail, gmail, yahoo) is not acceptable for Confidential Reseller Pricing as those providers may require users to agree they may violate privacy of the e-mail contents, sell data to third parties so there can be no expectation of privacy within their e-mail server networks.

Once we know the above information I will provide appropriate discounted proving for the systems.

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